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In the residential setting of Lake Garda, with a wonderful view of the blue waters, this intervention was created by Ballarini Interni, who, with the help of its interior designers, interpreted the spaces of this private villa in the heart of Marciaga.

Witten by Marta Sasso
Photos by Michele Mascalzioni


The client is a dynamic couple, with elegant taste and practical needs, which is why Ballarini offered bespoke furnishings, designed to take full advantage of the spaces. The kitchen is the center of this home, a meeting and sharing space, and Ballarini Interni chooses to harmonize spaces with a sartorial touch, choosing companies that guarantees maximum customization of shapes, finishes, sizes and distributions, to create a unique space both in aesthetics and in ergonomics. The choice fell on an essence of rosewood with horizontal veins, paying particular attention to the continuity of the same on the different panels that make up the sides. The wood paneling hides the passage from the living area to the back of the kitchen, thus camouflaging the operational part from the view of the open space.

The hood chosen acts as a suction mechanism and as a lighting body. By choosing Falmec in copper color, both functions are brilliantly fulfilled, with an element with modern and innovative characteristics. The dining room table stands out for its elegance and originality: a design piece from the Desalto company, Clei model, that blends perfectly with the mood chosen for the metal and lava stone finishes for the top.

Ballarini Interni proposes a versatile and linear style, with the choice of material surfaces and natural colors, even in the living area. Here we can find Italian brands of excellence such as the Flexform sofa, the note of color that was needed, delicate and welcoming in iridescent green velvet, model Long Island, that softly defines the living area, illuminating the environment. Another clean and essential design with pure and continuous surfaces is the Rimadesio suspended furniture system, chosen for the TV area, an expression of essentiality and contemporaneity.

The absolute geometries of the Self Bold system fit with elegance and personality in the space. The top is one of the hallmarks of the collection and the bronze satin glass surfaces characterize its uniqueness, giving light and class to the whole environment. Ballarini Interni, making use of the best designers, interpreted these spaces with elegance and attention to detail, such as the refinement of the surfaces or the color and linearity of the shapes, making this villa unique in its personality, reflecting the tastes and personal needs of those who live there.

You can visit the Ballarini Interni showroom in Valgatara and experience the countless creative possibilities that the staff puts at your disposal.


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