Villa T, design and refinement

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Villa T, in Peschiera del Garda, commissioned by a private client, is a work by Ardielli Fornasa Associati. The interiors were furnished with care and attention to detail by Ballarini Interni, which aimed at creating a modern and elegant mood. Indeed, the simple and clean lines, as well the natural colors, immediately stand out, allowing the visitor to better perceive the design and elegance of the shapes. Ballarini Interni chose a material style that blends masterfully with the large and bright open-spaces characterized by essential lines; we therefore find a contrast between the clean geometry of the kitchen island, made of marble and walnut wood, and the squared sofa, made with a soft aged leather that gives the environment a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being. The contiguous spaces harmoniously dialogue with one another so the visitor’s gaze can sweep through this living area, perceiving the clear subdivision of the thematic areas and the great attention to detail. Metals, woods, stoneware and marbles are harmoniously combined, creating a space designed by Ballarini Interni following a common thread, the elegance of simplicity. All is guaranteed by high quality and precious designer furnishings, created by the greatest Italian and foreign designers for the best Made in Italy furniture brands. Innovation and design that can indeed be found at Ballarini Interni, in Verona and Trento, where the best interior designers give life to unique projects.


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