Abitare Verona & Lago di Garda Spring 2021

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An aphorism attributed to Heraclitus tells us that “The only constant in life is change”. And what a change we have experienced in the last year! Among the many things that have drastically mutated, living spaces are certainly at the top, going to play a more central role in our lives. We want them now more beautiful, more comfortable, safer … more ours! Everyone nowadays talks about this change: institutional figures, architects, real estate agents, interior designers, restaurateurs, sociologists, psychologists. But, in reality, we all noticed it in our own small way and we adapted accordingly. As consequence, we see this new point of view influencing both public institutions and businesses, eager to adapt to this new lifestyle. We see the innovative Central Park project in Verona come to life; interior design companies highlighting eco-sustainability and promote an outdoor concept that makes external spaces functional and livable, just like the interior ones. We see wineries and restaurants offer their beautiful locations to grant us the opportunity to return to socialize with our loved ones in complete safety, at least until things get better. We see health and wellness professionals come to our aid with treatments and advice to strengthen both our body and mind.

Abitare Verona has also changed, adding the important territory of Lake Garda, and taking on a new concept, no longer linked just to “ABITARE” in the strict sense (living in a house), but in its broadest sense: ABITARE in the sense of experiencing the territory in its entirety. The experiences, services, entertainment and culture that it can offer us.


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