Abitare Verona & Lago di Garda Summer 2021

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It is incredible to think that every time we walk in Verona, there is the possibility that we are stepping on the footsteps of the Supreme Poet, who considered the city the “first refuge and […] first inn” after leaving Florence. Well, this year we have the opportunity to perceive his presence even more through the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of his death, in which the Municipality of Verona organized the widespread exhibition “Dante in Verona 1321-2021“, a set of events throughout the year 2021 which allows us to see firsthand a glimpse of the city that he himself lived every day.

But let’s remember to celebrate ourselves too for having faced the last year and a half. Let’s take care of our mind by meeting the people who make us feel good and whom we love. Let’s fully enjoy beauty, both of the surrounding nature and its products, and the beauty of design, born from the intelligence and creativity of the human mind. Let’s also take care of our body by allowing ourselves a few moments of well-being that we might never have considered in recent years. Let’s give a new meaning to the concept of Abitare and let’s begin to see the territory we live in as a real house built for us, to be respected, shared and loved.


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