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Dear readers,

after a year that changed the way we live our home, Ballarini Interni dedicates the cover and the opening article of Abitare Verona to Stefano Boeri, a visionary architect who has, already for a long time, been talking about a new way of living not only our houses, but the cities as a whole. On the cover, not an existing building, but a dream for the future of the city of Nanjing, which in reality represents the whole world. Incentives on housing, at a time when the home has resumed its role as center of conviviality and sometimes work, make us look to 2021 with more confidence. Thus, in this number, Ballarini Interni looks to promote an increasingly welcoming, livable and sustainable home environment.

With this mission at heart, our staff at Ballarini Interni wishes you a peaceful and prosperous new year.


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